Three ways to prepare zucchini meals

High summer lasts, so zucchini now is the cheapest and also the best. But – how long can I eat the same fried zucchini? Below three recipes for zucchini.

Zucchini chips/fries

Cut the zucchini in columns – like french fries. Then add your favourites spices, for example oregano, marjoram, chili, salt and pepper and put in the oven. Roast about 20 minutes. You can also coat zucchini in breadcrumbs before putting in oven. Eat with barbecue or garlic sauce. Zucchini chips are perfect as afternoon snack.

Zucchini pancakes

There is a lot of recipes. You can make your pancakes only with zucchini and also with mix of vegetables. My favourites are made of zucchini and carrots. I rub zucchini and carrots, add some flour and one egg and mix it precisely. Sometimes I also add a potato. When I mixed that dough, I fry it on oil. I eat pancakes with sour cream.

Zucchini spaghetti

Make your favourite spaghetti (for example carbonara) but use slices of zucchini instead of pasta. Delicious!