How to make a perfect pizza?

I don’t get you a whole recipe for perfect pizza but I sell you some advice. For free! At first, we must consider what kind of pizza do you want to make? Italian – thin and crunchy? And maybe American – fat and fluffy?

Italian pizza

Proper flour. Not cake flour. You need a spelt flour or flour type 00. A dough need some grease – the best option is to add some Italian oil from olive. You can try also Greek or Spain oil. And the most important part: a yeast. Many people use to much yeast. Remember – 1 kg flour, 50g yeast. And use only fresh (not instant) yeast. And mix a dough by hands, not with help of kitchen aid. And now, when the dough is ready – it must grow. But not in warm place, like told you grandma. Put it in fridge for whole night and don’t bake until next day.

American pizza

If you want to eat pizza with fluffy underside, you can use an ordinary flour. To this dough add more yeast and earlier mix it with warm water. Mix the dough by hand, “pump” it with an air. American pizza grows best in warm place. And the most important thing: let your pizza grow for a moment, when you put components on it. And don’t use too many components – pizza must be light to can grow properly.

Easy, isn’t? You can make a pizza as a everyday dinner or as a main meal in some of big day.